A Library

Update, early 2021: I changed the name and URL to Bookshelf. Just seemed like a better fit.

I don’t read enough books. And when I do, I don’t read a wide enough variety of them. I’m working to fix this by doing three things:

  1. I’m reading more books
  2. Always having a book I want to read (that I’m actually interested in, if I don’t like it, I put it down and walk away)

For step number two, I either buy two books at once or as soon as I finish a book, I go get another one. Lately, at the excellent McNally Jackson on Prince St. near my apartment.

The third thing I’m doing is documenting the book I’m reading and the books I’ve read in Library. Nothing fancy, just a list book titles, authors, and the month and year I read the book. I’m not making an attempt to list books before 2019 right now. Just starting with what’s fresh in my mind.

I decided I wanted this after reading Austin’s, “How to read more”. In it, he mentions Art Garfunkel’s list of read books. That list is amazing. I hope to maintain my list for even a portion as long as he as.